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In the past months, our scaling has been quite stalled for a simple reason : there's just no water in the regions of Cambodia where we operate.

We're experiencing an extreme weather pattern over the Pacific ocean, named El Niño, that tends to trigger droughts in South-East Asia before delivering strong rainfalls - often catastrophic - in Central America.

Though the phenomenon is for now rare enough - the last strongest one was in 1998, a predicted impact of climate change is that such events are going to get less rare, about 1 every 4 years by the end of the century.

What that means for farmers is that they need water supplies able to stretch longer than before and crops adapted to drought and heat.

What that means in two words for our farmers right now : deeper ponds.

That's precisely what some of our older farmers did, such as Ou Yoeurn. Because they've been witnessing for months ( or years for older farmers ) the stream of revenues they get from farming with Project Alba, these farmers have invested in deeper and better ponds.

While we fully approve the move, we also appreciate the trust farmers put in working with us as such investments reach 700 $ or more, about half a year of income.

To encourage more farmers to adopt such practices, we are also looking for microfinance institutions which would be ready to offer loans while considering Project Alba as a guarantor.

Guillaume Virag, 28th August 2015